Mary Mclean CN193 Model Boat

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Mary McLean CN193 custom built model boat

The original Mary McLean CN193 was built around 1950 for the McArthur family and launched from the Millers of St. Monance. We began working on this model following a request from a client to build one. Since we had never built a model of this ship before, we had to conduct extensive research including obtaining photos and ship plans before we began building the model. In this case, it was a particularly difficult task to find this information as the original ship was a family owned relatively unknown vessel.

After having obtained all the necessary information, we began to build the model using the highest quality materials and strongest attention to detail. We take the greatest pride in our custom built models and ensure they are an entirely accurate replica of the original ships. The models are built by master craftsman and model makers with vast experience and skill. We have built a positive reputation in the industry for building the most beautiful model ships and this is a great example of the reason we have built this reputation. You can learn more about our custom ship model build process by clicking here, or view our full range of custom boat models by clicking here. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or enquiries regarding this model or a model you are thinking of having built. 

By Roslyn Ambrose. on
Title: Mary McLean
Text: The boat is exactly as I remember my grandfathers boat. The boat is a Scottish Ring Net fishing boat from the Campbeltown, Argyll fleet. The workmanship is excellent. I would highly recommend this company. This is the 2nd boat we have purchased.
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