Golden Glory Model Yacht (Superior Range)

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Golden Glory Yacht Model

A stunner when it comes to looks, the Golden Glory yacht will make your heart skip a beat. Built in the year 1939, this extremely spacious yacht is an Andrews slipper stern launch that measures about 30ft in length. The vessel is fitted with four Lloyd loom chairs along with an aft bench.

There is a low picnic table. There is also a hood and a full length cover that comes with the vessel. All soft furnishings in this boat are in Andrews blue with the hull being painted off white to complement its mix of solid wood for the decks and the interior. This boat was built in the year 1939 but not registered and sold until 1940.

This boat was originally named “RIPPLE BY” No. 174. Mr. Warren owned the boat until 1945 after which it was sold by him to the Duke of Sutherland of Guildford, Surrey. The Duke used her on the river Wey. The original name of ‘RIPPLE BY’ was retained by the owner Mr. Warren for use on another boat. It was the Duke who named No. 174 the ‘Golden Glory’

Golden Glory: why buy from Premier Ship Models

The ‘Golden Glory’ makes for a great gift and a little jewel in any model ship collection. With its retro looks and heritage ownership it symbolises class and elegance like no other. At Premier Ship Models every model is crafted to the minutest details with precision to bring out the feel of the original vessel.

Utmost care is taken in providing workmanship of the highest degree that will leave all our patrons gasping for more. In addition to this model we have a collection of a large variety of models of all kinds that includes the RMS Titanic, Mississippi etc for sale.

You can also browse our website for models in our Standard, Superior and Premier ranges. We provide model building kits and take orders for custom made ships if provided with a picture and ship plans for our craftsmen to serve you better. It is this dedication to our craft that has made us a leader in this field for over the last 10 years.

Please browse our website or Contact Us for any more information in finding the perfect model ship for your collection.

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