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Custom built model ship of the Elena Yacht

The Elena model yacht was built as a custom order following the request from a client. It was built in our UK workshop and adds to our range of growing custom built model ships. Our UK workshop is made up of a team of experienced model makers and master craftsmen who are dedicated to producing high quality ship models. Our UK based model makers use only the finest quality materials and strongest attention to detail to ensure that each model is as accurate as possible.

The original Elena yacht was designed by American naval architect Nathanael Herreshoff and commissioned for build by Morton Plant in 1910. Mr Herreshoff had developed a reputation amongst the American elite class for designing some of the most beautiful and luxurious sailing yachts. The brief given to him before he began building the Elena was simple; ‘give me a schooner that can win’. With this in mind, he gave the Elena a slightly deeper keel than previous designs. He also lowered her centre of ballast, which improved her windward ability. These design features proved to be an overwhelming success as she won most of her early races in competition with the top level of the American schooner fleet. After seventeen years had passed, she claimed victory in the 1928 Trans-Atlantic Race.

If you have any questions regarding this ship model, our custom build process or our UK workshop; please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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