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Wooden model ship kit of Zwarte Zee

Premier Ship Models offer this experienced kit of the famous Zwarte Zee tugboat to enthusiasts who can admire precise modelling craftsmanship demonstrated on the particular parts of the model which are laser cut. This ship model kit is for people who've attempted to create a model ship before, or maybe one made of plastic. Although the construction of this model kit is simple and the building is relatively straightforward, you can count on meeting several ‘challenges’ on the way which will make the modelling more interesting!

The Zwarte Zee was constructed in 1963 at J. and E. Smit's Scheepswerven N.V. in Kinderdijk, Netherlands. This ship model kit is a great miniature of the original tug boat with length of 77.50 m, width of 12.35 m, draught of 6.90 m and gross tonnage of 1,539 tons.

The Zwarte Zee tugboat is powered by two Smit-M.A.N. turbo diesel engines which can create an enormous power of 9,000 HP. A single propeller shaft is driven by these machines through reduction gears and Vulcan fluid clutches. In case a quick manoeuvre is required, the engines adapt accordingly by one engine driving forwards, and the other reverse.

Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

By Valerie Irvine , Building of Zwarte Zee Kit Client (UK May 09) .. on
Title: Customer feedback on Model Ships
Text: Returned home and had a good trip. Ship in lovely condition and looks really well.Please advise when display case is coming.

Thank you
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