Meet the team of Premier Ship Models

Fredi has only been with the company for little over a year but in that time he has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to the business. Fredi is responsible for a multitude of important practices involved in the running of the business but most significantly he handles sales and website management. Fredi has been instrumental in the delivery of the new websites. 




Thierry is our Production Manager and he resides in Mauritius where he monitors and ensures the smooth production of a variety of our models. We have a workshop in Mauritius where models from all our ranges including the custom and premier range are built. Thierry manages this workshop and follows the production from start to finish ensuring that the models meet the customer’s needs and standards. He also provides regular updates throughout the custom build process, provides quotes, and handles the shipping of models. 



Plamen is our model restorer and builder and has extensive experience in constructing beautiful ship models. Plamen is an extremely skilled craftsman who has been perfecting his skill for 30 years. Plamen runs our workshop in Potter’s Bar, Hertfordshire, UK, which is also located near our shop in North London, Barnet, UK. If you want to look at some of Plamen’s work or find out more about what he does please have a peek at our restoration page. 




Conrad is responsible for supporting Plamen in his work in our UK workshop. He helps with the restoration and construction of models. Conrad is a naturally gifted, skilled craftsman with experience working in this industry. With the support that Conrad provides, the UK workshop is growing and enables us to increase our footprint in the UK.




Jamshid is a very friendly and personable member of our team who is responsible for client management. He handles customer enquiries, processes orders, and deals with suppliers on a day-to-day basis. Jamshid has a vast experience of working in a customer facing environment and always strives to provide the best quality service possible.





Denis is a skilled craftsman and a quick learner working as our production manager in our Mauritius workshop. His key area of responsibility is ensuring and monitoring the design and production of custom build models. He follows this process from scratch up until the models are completed. He supervises projects and pays close attention to detail ensuring that we achieve the required quality. He contributes to the building process through moulding, designing and painting our custom build models.