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 Blue Fishing Boat

About the Vessel

A fishing boat is one of the most common vessels found in a collection. Whether you are just getting started as a boat model collector or already have an enviable number of models, there is always room for another fishing boat. This boat in blue has the typical aura associated with light, easy-to-handle boats often used for leisure fishing. Created by our team of maritime experts and woodworking specialists, the Blue Fishing Boat often catalyses conversations about the evolution of boats. While early boats were humble rafts, dugouts and took shape of agile canoes, their construction was rather simple, often using sanded tree barks along the coracle. Construction of modern fishing boats has come of age with heavy keel timbers and sawn timbers apart from precision engineered ribs and much more.

We build these boat models from scratch, by hand, using the plank-on-frame approach. This ensures maximum durability, giving the models remarkable structural strength. At Premier Ship Models, we take special care in creating customized boats. Most boat models present room for designing according to individual preferences. For instance, nameplate or the original colour scheme can be altered. We collaborate with discerning buyers like you to create an interesting customization process. This ensures your opinions can match the ideas of our team. Options also include some structural modifications or changing the modelling scale. If your fishing boat is a classic, expect our team to invest in comprehensive research, from sourcing diagrams to studying longitudinal sections. Every bit of the original vessel is studied!

About the Model Ship:

  • Hand-crafted model boat built from premium hardwoods for maximum durability
  • Fine detailing to ensure you can display the boat model on a countertop or the mantle
  • Excellent gifting proposition for a friend. Also, a thoughtful housewarming gift
  • Each ship model is given individual attention. There is room for customization too
  • From hotel lobbies to recreation areas in resorts and educational institutions, these handmade models uplift the ambiance


Expect the finest ship model-building practices. This includes plan preparation, creating a framework, planking-based endoskeleton, and use of superior materials like fibre glass. Our quality checks are spread across the creative process, form the assembly of deck structure to painting and finishing. Our constant endeavour to deliver better-than-expected quality means we are exploring technologies like 3D printing. These boat models are packed in a smart, damage-proof and eco-friendly manner! Explore more handmade shipping models, including ocean liners, sailboats, trailers, ships, and historical boats, each worthy of being a collector’s item!