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Dutch Herring Model Boat

Premier Ship Models offers you models of famous, historical, classic and modern ships and boats. These models are available in standard, superior and premier. At Premier Ship Models, you can find museum quality models for sale in the UK, which have been exquisitely handcrafted to perfection.

The Dutch Herring Boat model is an unusual one for us, as it was built from a kit. It hopefully shows our ability to build models from model boat kits, as our normal practice is to build scratch. Let us read through to get familiar with the history of Dutch Herring Boat.

History of the Dutch Herring Boat

Used by the Dutch and Flemish during the 15th to early 19th century, the herring boat was a naval vessel used for fishing. This marine vessel holds an illustrious history. Herring boats were used as cargo vessels during the Crusades in the Mediterranean. It was considered to have originated from the Viking longship, popularly known asthe bǘza.

This boat was initially adapted to be used as a fishing boat in the Netherlands, subsequent to the gibbing invention, which made preservation of herring at sea possible. This made extensive voyages feasible and therefore allowed the Dutch fishermen to go behind herring shoals away from the coast. Around 1415, the first herring boat was presumably built in Hoorn. The last one was constructed in 1841 at Vlaardingen.

Premier Ship Models offers you the scaled down version of the famous Dutch Herring Boat. We also offer other model ships and yachts available in all sizes like small, medium and large.
Handcrafted by a team of experienced and skillful master craftsmen in the UK, these models replicate even the minutest details of the original vessel. We also have model kits especially designed for DIY enthusiasts and experienced collectors, who like to assemble ship and boat models themselves. Timely delivery along with best quality and service is our aim.

Please browse our website or Contact Us for any more information in finding the perfect model boat for your collection. 


By Sue Burgess (UK Nov 07). on
Title: Dutch Herring Boat
Text: Dear Rehaz

I just wanted to say a special Thank You to all the team for making the wonderful Dutch Fishing Vessel, which has just been given to me as birthday gift from my wife. I am extremely pleased with the overall quality and I can see that a lot of time and attention has been given to ensure that every details is correct.This is a fine model and it will give me much pleasure admiring it and showing it to my friends!

Best Wishes
By Sue and Guy Burgess (UK Jan 07). on
Title: Dutch Herring Boat
Text: Thanks very much Reshad

The ship looks fantastic. We cannot think of anything else that needs doing, so if you are happy with it , then we would like you to deliver as soon as convenient.

We're really looking forward to being able to admire it at home here in Yeovil.

What a beautiful "Surprise"

My ship has come home and is now berthed in a snug, cosy cabin that does not roll.

A great compliment for your website and the models.An excellent price-value relation.

Thank you for your efforts and have a nice day

Many greetings

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