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Ready made Hms Surprise in our Superior Range

HMS Surprise is popular among collectors and was featured in the adventures of Captain Aubrey written by Patrick O'Brian. This ship is well known by literary and history buffs, as well as collectors of models of famous ships. Our quality HMS Surprise model ship is the perfect addition to any collection and makes a great gift.

French frigates, such as the HMS Surprise, were valued by the British for their speed and ease of maneuvering, compared with other ships of the late eighteenth century. The frigates could outrun most other ships of the time, making them perfect for naval use by the British. The ship went on to have a successful career under the command of the British, including the famous rescue of the frigate Hermoine.

This spectacular vessel is brought to life in our quality HMS Surprise model ship. HMS Surprise, like our other handcrafted ship models UK is crafted with the finest materials and exceptional quality workmanship and detailed design is a perfect replica of the original shop from the streamlined design of the hull down to the deck, carronades, long guns and many other intricate details.

Read detailed information about our HMS Surprise model ship, dimensions, and view photographs of this model ship on our website. We have included several photographs that show the beauty of the craftsmanship in our HMS Surprise model ship, including photos of the full ship and close pictures that show the smallest details.

There are many reasons to purchase your HMS Surprise model shop from Premier Ship Models. We offer swift delivery and package our handcrafted ship models UK to arrive safely to your front door. Our model ships are high quality and our prices can't be beat. We guarantee the lowest prices for model ships in the UK, and if you find the same quality model ship elsewhere for less than our low price, we'll beat the competitor's price by five percent.
At Premier Ship Models, we have exquisite, high quality handcrafted ship models in the UK. Our catalog includes some of the best known and most popular ships among collectors, including our HMS Surprise model ship. The HMS Surprise was a French frigate built in 1794 in France. Originally named Unite, the ship was renamed after capture by the British two years later.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us, for any more information on any of our ship models or for any help in finding the miniature model for you.

By Leigh M. on 05/20/2019
Title: A work of art
I want to thank you, and all involved for building such an incredible work of art. It is without doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. The craftsmanship is amazing!

It arrived today (great packing) and I have already been inundated with people visiting to view the ship. All of them totally wowed by it!

Once again thank you and I will sing your praises to all who view her.

Best Regards

By Ian Clark ( Australia Jan 07). on
Title: HMS Surprise Model
Text: What a beautiful "Surprise".

My ship has come home and is now berthed in a snug, cosy cabin that does not roll.

Thank you .

By Richard May & Chloe (UK July 2005). on
Title: HMS Surprise Model
Text: Our model ship arrived safely on Saturday and we are very pleased with it. Thank you again for all your help.

Kindest regards,
By Mike McSean -Metropolitan Police Sergeant. on
Title: HMS Surprise Model
Text: I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my model ship of the HMS Surprise. I have owned this model ship for some time now but the pleasure I get each time I walk past has not diminished at all. The model ship always draws very complimentary comments from friends and other visitors, both for the dramatic impact and standard of workmanship. I am sure that HMS Surprise will not be the only thing I buy from you. Keep up the good work
By Teresa McKimmey-Caven (USA Feb 05). on
Title: HMS Surprise Model
Text: Thanks for the information on the display case. The HMS Surprise ship model arrived in perfect condition, the day before my husband's birthday. It is amazingly beautiful and detailed; he was speechless when he saw it. He spent about an hour exploring it that first day, using his reference texts on O'Brian's novels to examine every detail. He was very moved by the gift and the skill and craftsmanship of your model builders. He's an engineer, and was particularly impressed with the way you designed and packaged the crate the HMS Surprise arrived in. He's planning on sending you and your employees his own message to express his admiration and thanks personally.

Thanks again for all your hard work, both in building the model ship and in getting it to us on time. Your work made my husband's birthday magical for him and for our family.

Please thank Rashid for me as well.
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