Cutty Sark (3) Model Ship Kit - Artesania latina (22800)

Cutty Sark (3) Model Ship Kit Maximize


  • R/C compatible: No
  • Difficulty Level: Experienced
  • Hull Type: Plank on frame
  • Box Contents: Laser cut board pieces, wood, brass and die-cast parts.Cotton sails, cut and sewn by hand.Detailed assembly instructions with color images.Complete set of drawings in real model scale.The model does not include the stand.

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Cutty Sark Model Ship Kit  

This is an Expert Kit  

Original specifications:- (ex-Maria di Amparo, Ferreira, Cutty Sark), Clipper (3m), L/B/D 64.8m * 11m * 6.4m, Hull: Composite, Complement: 19-28, Designer: Hercules Linton, Built: Scott, Linton & Co., Dumbarton, Scotland; 1869.

You will plank the hull with individual mahogany strips, while limewood planking covers the deckhouse and decks. Fine African walnut is used for keel, stem, waterways, coamings, hatch covers, door frames, masts and yards.   Hardwood fittings include deadeyes, blocks and cleats. Brass is plentiful in the form of stanchions, rings, belaying pins, eyebolts, navigation lights and housings, rudder hinges, chain, bell, chimney and mastheads.   Anchors, bitts, boats, boat frames, davits, signaling cannon, life rings, figurehead, trusses, hoops and other parts are cast metal. Rigging line is supplied in a variety of sizes, and cloth flag and pennants add realistic detail.

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