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  • Box Content: A comprehensive instruction book including a detailed history of the full sized vessel and two highly detailed construction drawings. Single and twin screw versions of the hull are available. The single screw version allows for easy installation of a steam plant. Both versions look superb on the water as you can see viewed from the front or the side.

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Imara Ship Model Kit (Single Screw)

To view the Twin Screw version of this kit, please click here. The main difference between the twin screw and single screw is the number of pieces provided with the kit. The twin screw version is slightly more detailed, whilst this single screw version allows for an easy installation of a steam plant.

Both single and twin screw versions are scale model reproductions of the Imara, a harbour tug boat that was built under a Crown Colonies contract and intended for use in Tanzania. It is manufactured by Caldercraft, who have a good reputation amongst model makers for producing highly detailed model replicas of a whole variety of different vessels. Their collection is fondly thought of by model makers, most notably for their accuracy and quality and for their mission to create a collection of ships that retell special moments in British history.

This model ship kit is highly detailed and contains over 1,400 parts, so it is not recommended for somebody who has never made models before. The number of pieces means that this model kit is an extremely accurate replica of the original vessel. 

If you have any questions about this model kit, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to offer any assistance. 

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