Hansa Cog Model Boat Kit - Krick (K20340)

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  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Hull Type: Plastic
  • Box Content: With the water line marked on the hull painting is made easier as is the deck installation. A removable motor mount is provided along with the electric motor, coupling propeller and shaft. A full set of fittings along with plans and comprehensive building instructions 

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Hansa Cog Model Boat Kit

About Model Boat

Hansa Cog Boat is sure to catch the attention of folks who like historic ships as a part of their boat-building kits.

Cog ships appeared initially in the 10th century AD. Generally built from pure oak and timber in Baltic regions of the then Prussia region, Cog Boats were widely put to use for sailing. They gained mainstream importance during the 12th century. The coming of Hanseatic League in 1241 created an upsurge in trading activities across Northern Europe. This brought about a revolution in design of war vessels and merchant ships. Hansa Cog Ships were largely associated with Hanseatic League—a seagoing trade that thrived in the Baltics. The largest cog ships can carry up to 200 tonnes. A huge cargo capacity and unbeatable speed made these Cog Ships dynamic merchant vessels in the Northern Baltic Sea area for nearly 200 years.

Hansa Cog Boats usually range from 15 meters to 25 meters in length, with their beam measuring from 5 meters to 8 meters. Just like any other medieval era ship, the cog too had a broad beam with overlapping external boards. Its rudder was located towards the centre of the stern, while the bow was almost round. The spacious vessel featured a large mast that could hold a big, square sail.

Medieval era saw the emergence of two class of vessels—one which was the round ship, built for trade, and the others designed primarily for war. The two categories were very popular until the commissioning of the sailing cog, which was designed for both trade and war—an all-round vessel. Earlier Cog Ships had lesser sailing capability, but nowadays cogs are largely used for sailing through rough waters of Atlantics. Clinker construction of their large hull makes these ships excellent cargo carriers too!

About the Model Boat Kit

  • Created with accurate precision – you can trust perfectly fitting pieces and fine detailing to ensure the outcome is a beautiful boat model
  • Boat kit assembled by a team of maritime craftsmen and nautical experts – put through repeated rounds of quality-testing
  • Kit helps to recreate mainmast and topmast – primary features of the original ship
  • Ship-building kit comes with components displaying precise colour combinations
  • Equally relevant for a beginner or a seasoned collector


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Tools for Ship Building Project

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