Muritz Cabin Cruiser Boat Kit - Krick (K20350)

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  • Box Content: The planks for the clinker planking are laser cut and you frames the shades for the clinker planking included, so that no major difficulties in the Beplanken. All accessories are cut with laser or are included with the kit as etched brass parts, pre-printed flags for different cities, the material for the sail as well as enough rigging yarn for the entire rigging.

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Maurtiz Cabin Cruiser Boat Kit 

About the Vessel

We are a team passionate about ships that have interesting stories to tell and love the idea of their grandeur captured in scaled models. This often includes contemporary boats that don’t have heritage but provide an interesting perspective on how modern ships have evolved. In this series, we present you Muritz Cabin Cruiser Boat Kit – a kit that promises an enthralling, shop model-constructing experience with the Muritz Cruiser as the muse.

This Muritz Cruiser model is from the house of—this company specializes in creating boat and ship models with a French heritage. The company was founded in 2002. Located in United Kingdom, it has experience of many years in building boat models. Methodical study of the actual Muritz Cabin Cruiser means that all the components can be fit with precision. The outcome is a wonderful rendition of the actual Muritz Cabin Cruiser.

Expect this kit to be at par with the global standards in this segment. The kit has been designed in-sync with the plans and pictures of the original ship. This Muritz Cruiser boat-building kit is relevant for seasoned collectors and those just starting their journey in the beautiful world of legendary ships and modern vessels.

Our Muritz Cabin Cruiser Boat Kit is packed with all the elements needed to construct a high-on-precision ship model, helping you capture the finer details of the vessel with ease. On our store, you get the entire range of supplies needed to execute a satisfactory ship model-building DIY project. This includes tools and accessories that we are constantly expanding!

About the Model Ship Kit

  • Expect precision-fit components
  • Kit designed by a team of nautical experts
  • Patrons include private collectors and educational institutions
  • Use of detailing to ensure the scaled-down model looks very real
  • Use of high-durability materials to ensure longevity of the boat kit
  • Perfect ship model kit for gifting purposes or as a unique home décor item
  • Packed with care, ensuring the kit reaches your destination in prime condition


Our craftsmen ensure that the ship-building kit is easy to use – it comes with clear instructions in English. We have carefully put together a collection of model ship kits to ensure there is something for every user, for every range of skill. Expect a rewarding ship-building experience for any sailing vessel you choose. You can view the entire collection by Clicking Here

Tools for Ship Building Project

Building a model ship is a creative task and it can be an amazing experience if you have the right tools. We offer a wide range of model ship-building tools. You can get beginner kits. Common tools include pliers, cutters, knives, and sanding blocks. We understand that while curved blades are better for making straight cuts, the straight blade is the best choice when you want to make intricate cuts. This type of expertise is visible across our inventory of Tool Kits that you can view by Clicking Here

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