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  • Tony, USA

    A brief note to confirm that HMS Surprise arrived on time and in one piece. ship model I am absolutely delighted with her and thank you very much for your trouble and the unpacking instructions. Should you wish to refer any intending customer in my direction I would be delighted to commend this outstanding and very beautiful example of the modeller's art to them.

    May 2003

    2017-01-25 03:07:20
  • Bill, Grand Cayman

    Great. I am very happy with my model ship of the HMS Endeavour.

    2017-01-25 03:04:51
  • Gordon, UK

    Thanks for the model boat, our M.D was pleased. I have been approached by another member of staff who has shown an interest in the boat. I mentioned to him the model boat was with a special discount. 


    May 2003

    2017-01-25 03:04:12
  • Martin, USA

    Just a quick note to let you know that both Albatross and America docked safely at Longboat Key, and both look great. Thank you so much for your kind attention to all this. The model boats Albatross model boat is a lovely little ship, although she does look a little lost in our apartment. With the benefit of hindsight I probably should have got the full sized ship model of the USS Constitution, but I was a little apprehensive about the size. Anyway, I'll save that for another day. Once again, many thanks. I am showing your brochure to all my friends. 


    May 2003

    2017-01-25 03:02:40
  • The Brood, UK

    You are a star! Fantastic! It just looked so good. I couldn't believe just how good when I saw the ship models on Saturday! Anyway who's to say she wasn't copper bottomed when re-fitted at some point!!!

    May 2003

    2017-01-25 03:01:49
  • Mike, UK

    I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my model boat of HMS Surprise.

    I have owned the ship for some time now but the pleasure I get each time I walk past has not diminished at all. The model boat always draws very complimentary comments from friends and other visitors, both for the dramatic impact and standard of workmanship. I am sure that HMS Surprise will not be the only thing I buy from you. Keep up the good work! 


    May 2003 

    2017-01-25 02:59:08
  • Ralph, USA

    Received my HMS Surprise yesterday (11 June 2004). Many thanks for this fine model ship and the good service. The ship model packing was excellent, do not know how you could have done any better.

    June 2004

    2017-01-25 02:57:27
  • Lynn, UK

    My father took delivery some time ago of a ship model for the Harvey from yourselves. I managed to see it for myself a short while ago. All I can say is the ship model is even better than what I had expected from the pictures on your site, she's a masterpiece! The finesse of the detail and the grandeur your ship model projects are nothing short of jaw-dropping. I hope I've conveyed my thanks properly here. 


    May 2004

    2017-01-25 02:56:23
  • David, USA

    Our ship model arrived last week while we were away. It arrived in excellent condition and looks very nice. As the third model ship in my small collection and first from England, I consider it very special.

    Thanks for your help throughout the ordering process. 


    May 2004

    2017-01-25 02:55:22
  • Teresa, USA

    Thanks for the information on the display case. The HMS Surprise model ship arrived in perfect condition, the day before my husband's birthday. It is amazingly beautiful and detailed; he was speechless when he saw it. He spent about an hour exploring it that first day, using his reference texts on O'Brian's novels to examine every detail. He was very moved by the gift and the skill and craftsmanship of your ship model builders. He's an engineer, and was particularly impressed with the way you designed and packaged the crate the HMS Surprise arrived in. He's planning on sending you and your employees his own message to express his admiration and thanks personally.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, both in building this wonderful ship model and in getting it to us on time. Your work made my husband's birthday magical for him and for our family.

    Please thank Rashid for me as well.


    February 2005

    2017-01-25 02:53:33
  • Micheal, UK

    I was very pleased to collect my custom ship model of the three masted barque Brier Holme the other day. The ship model is wonderful and is a very accurate copy of the original vessel. The detail is marvellous and all the workmanship is superb.

    To make this custom ship model from photographs only, and no plans as such, is a great achievement. It really is beautiful and admired by my friends. You have created a ship model of this 1876 vessel which will be handed down through the generations. 


    May 2005

    2017-01-25 02:52:20
  • Fokion, Greece

    The Albatross ship model you sent me surpassed my best expectations.


    Looking forward for our next friendly co-operation. 


    June 2005

    2017-01-25 02:49:09

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