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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model  of FPSO Carrier

FPSO carriers by Premier Ship Models is one of the custom range models which are characterised for requiring  high attention to detail in the process of building. This exceptional piece is built from scratch, handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans using the highest quality materials. This FPSO Model Carrier is a perfect replica of the original vessel, containing all the design features, which makes this model ship a piece of model art and a very complex model.

This and other models from the custom range category are built according to original plans and drawings which represents the quality and expertise of model making of Premier Ship Models. Clients are welcome to provide additional information about the ship and request their own specifications which would make a perfectly unique replica of a ship.

An FPSO Carrier is better-known as Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit. It's a kind of floating tank system that can be employed in offshore oil and gas businesses to keep and obtain the hydrocarbons from nearby subsea templates or platforms. The hydrocarbons, once gathered, are processed and saved until they are offloaded into tankers or occasionally carried via a pipe.

Shell Castelon is known to be the first oil FPSO built in Spain and nowadays more than 200 FPSO ships are engaged in the world oil trade. The new technology in the FPSO industry is going rapidly forward which can be seen on the Sanha LPG FPSO ship, operating offshore Angola, which is the first vessel to be using incorporated complete onboard LPG processing and export facilities and is able to store more than 135,000 cubic meters of liquefied petroleum gas while awaiting export tankers for offloading.

As the cost of laying seabed pipelines is huge in the regions of deep water, Floating Production Storage and Offloading carriers are well suited for these regions. The use of FPSO is also appreciated in the smaller oil fields which get exhausted after certain periods of time and does not require building an oil platform.

Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

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