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Oil tanker custom built model ship

This oil tanker ship model was built following a request we received from a client. All our custom model ships are made to order, in most cases we have never built a model of the ship before. Under these circumstances, we have to find the ship plans so that we can build an accurate replica. Finding the ship plans can sometimes be fairly difficult, and when the ship is as large as this one, interpreting the plans can also be very difficult.

Oil tankers are very large ships used for the purposes of transporting oil along trade routes. The ships are too large to fit in most harbours and rarely make port. Much smaller ships are used to transport barrels from the tankers to the shore. Oil tankers vary in size and occupation, some are responsible for collecting oil from the place of extraction and transporting it to refineries, and others are responsible for transporting the refined oil to consumer markets. Oil tankers are usually recognised by their sheer size and are in this sense considered to be some of the most fascinating ships ever built.

At Premier Ship Models, quality is very important to us. For this reason, we use only the highest quality materials to build our ship models. They are handcrafted with the strongest attention to detail by experienced and skilled model makers and artisan painters. During our custom model build process, we regularly update the client with photos to ensure they are happy with the progress. Our finished products are always well received by the client and exceed their expectations. You can learn more about our custom model build process by clicking here, or view our full range of custom models by clicking here.

By Anton Pihl, Production Manager M/S Museet for Søfart - Maritime Museum of Denmark (Oct 2013). on
Title: Oil Tanker Model Ship
Text: Dear all at Premier Ship Models,

The two ship models arrived safely in the new Danish Maritime Museum last week and yesterday they were both installed in their showcases in the exhibition area. It looks really nice. The exhibition opens this Saturday with a reception for 500 people, and H.M. The Queen of Denmark will be sitting right next to your ship models.

Thank you so much for your work.

Kind regards,
By Anton Pihl,Production Manager, Museet for Sofart,Maritime Museum of Danmark (Nov 2013). on
Title: Oil Tanker Model Ship
Text: The opening of the exhibition was a fantastic event. H.M. The Queen of Denmark was here. Since then thousands of guests have visited the museum and the reception is almost a 100 % positive. We are very proud of the new museum and, not least, its ship models.
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