Journey back to the 1700’s

Published on 05/06/19

We recently wrote an article for a website based in Australia about how we expanded our business internationally through the internet (click here to read more). Specifically we discussed how we set up our Australian website and how there had been a positive response there amongst consumers. We believe that this success has been a result of the strong maritime history and culture in Australia. This maritime culture is boosted by such sites as the HMB Endeavour, a replica ship of the world-famous HMS Endeavour that originally sailed under Lieutenant James Cook in 1769. In this blog we aim to provide information about the replica and the role it plays in continuously developing and preserving maritime culture in Australia.

The HMB Endeavour

Construction of this magnificent replica ship began in October 1988 and was eventually commissioned on the 16th April 1994. Originally owned by the HM Bark Endeavour Foundation until 2005, she is now owned and run by the Australian Maritime Museum.

Since her construction she has sailed over 170,000 nautical miles across the world, visited 29 countries and opened as a museum in 116 ports. A full scale replica of the HMS Endeavour, she is made with 30 kilometres of rigging, has 750 wooden blocks or pulleys, and 28 sails that spread 10,000 square feet in canvas. She has a gross tonnage of 397, a length of 33.3 metres, a waterline length of 30.9 metres, and a beam of 8.89 metres.

She currently resides at Darling Harbour in Sydney as part of the Australian Maritime Museum. Open from 09:30 to 17:00 on a daily basis she offers visitors the chance to journey back to the late 1700’s and experience life on one of the most famous vessels in the world. Tickets can be purchased from as low as $7 per adult and $3.50 for children and this includes access to permanent exhibitions. Alternatively they can be purchased for slightly higher at $27 for adults and $16 for children and this provides full access to the temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and the museum’s range of vessels including; the HMB Endeavour, The Destroyer, The Patrol Boat, The Submarine, The Tall Ship, and the smaller vessels.

The HMB Endeavour at sea

Playing a role in preserving Australia’s maritime history and culture

The Australian Maritime Museum goes beyond providing visitors with a fun day out. The museum strives to develop education and maritime archaeology both throughout Australia and on an international scale. The museum offers various resources on their website to help teachers to develop classes around the HMB Endeavour and maritime history. They encourage schools to take class trips to the replica and other exhibitions held by the museum. They organise interesting and informative programs such as the Refugee Week, an event about the Tu Do, a vessel which arrived in Darwin on the 21st November 1977 with 31 Vietnamese refugees on board. The services and information they provide to schools helps educate children about maritime history in Australia and through passing knowledge on to the younger generations they are ultimately helping to preserve maritime culture throughout the country.

The museum also actively encourages maritime archaeology through supporting state agencies and overseas government authorities responsible for underwater cultural heritage. They help provide; trained staff for excavating artefacts, advice on the acquisition and conservation of artefacts, advice on international policies and legislation relating to the protection of maritime archaeology. Through helping to develop maritime archaeology they are contributing to the achievement of increasing our knowledge of history. The artefacts they aid in finding and conserving will contribute to the process of preserving maritime culture throughout Australia and across the world.

Inside the HMB Endeavour

The symbolism of the HMS Endeavour

In providing education, preservation, development, and most importantly fun; the Australian Maritime Museum is an essential institution. Moreover, the HMB Endeavour is equally important in achieving the same goals and attracting visitors across the world. The HMS Endeavour is one of the most famous ships in the world but perhaps resonates with the Australian people more so than anybody else.

The HMS Endeavour carried Lieutenant James Cook on his first voyage of discovery to Australia and New Zealand between 1769 and 1771. She was the first ship to reach the east coast of Australia and in April of 1770 the first to make land in what is now known as Botany Bay, Sydney. The HMS Endeavour is a precious symbol of Australian history and represents the beginning of what we know as Australia today. It is for these reasons that it is so popular and we can provide further testament to this fact as we know that our HMS Endeavour model ship is one of the most popular amongst Australian customers.

Inside the dining room of the HMB Endeavour

The importance of maintaining maritime history and culture

Last month we discussed the importance of maintaining maritime history and culture. Specifically we looked at this taking place in the UK and the USA. The building of the HMB Endeavour and the work that the Australian Maritime Museum is doing is an example of how this is also happening in Australia.

As discussed in the previous articles we wrote about the UK and USA, we believe it is extremely important to preserve the maritime history and culture of a country. Furthermore considering that Australia, like the USA and the UK, has a strong maritime history; it is even more important.  That is why we take the time to express our gratitude at the hard work done by organisations such as the Australian Maritime Museum and to appreciate beautiful replica ships such as the HMB Endeavour. We look forward to paying the ship a visit should we ever have the opportunity.

The HMS Endeavour model ship by Premier Ship Models


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