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The Amel Yacht

The modern silhouette of the Amel Yacht is a real life example of 50 years of expertise. This yacht was designed by Henri Amel, an expert in ocean sailing and shipbuilding. The equipment and design are constantly evolving and improving to this day. Designed and manufactured in La Rochelle, each unit is delivered by an Amel technician. The models are 100% made in France. More than 30 professionals are involved in the design and construction of the yachts. The purchase of a sailboat is not a purchase like any other. For Amel’s staff, each boat design is treated as a unique project.

The Amel Model Yacht

Amel’s range of classic yachts consists of custom designed models and projects. This means that you can request both a custom Amel Design model or a bespoke model of your own Amel vessel. The models are developed in collaboration with the owners.

Amel’s models combine a classic hull shape with a modern underwater configuration style. All models also have a fin keel and a rudder. Once the parts are outlined and cut to scale, the deck is laid on a plank and the first layer of the hull is placed, sanded and smoothed. A second layer is then placed on top and made of teak, mahogany or wood, depending on the desired finish. To finish the prefabricated model, ten coats of varnish are applied.

Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturers are made up of a highly skilled and experienced team of more than 30 craftsmen. They work from precise, original plans and carefully selected materials. The workshop covers all stages of model boat building, hull assembly, rope laying, sail cutting, part carving and wood varnishing. Over the years, the manufacturer has specialised in custom-made replicas. With an average age of 25 years, our craftsmen are able to reproduce the model of boat of your choice: sail or motor, yacht or warship, etc. A first prototype is always produced for validation before the final models are produced.

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This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht
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