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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale model of an Arab Dhow.

Premier Ship Models deliver you a huge variety of scaled down miniatures of ships and boats that are intricately detailed. Our models are available in all sizes from custom, small, medium and large, so you have the option to choose based on your preferences and requirements.

You can deck up your shelf with these Dhow models or even gift them to your friends and relatives. The Arab dhow, which is a part of our custom range, would be a great choice for the ones passionate about collecting model ships and boats. Let’s get to know the more about the Arab dhow.

About Arab Dhow

Ancient Arabic boats, dhows were mainly used in olden day for fishing and carrying out commercial activities. These vessels were used by Arab sailors to sail the seas in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. They are generally seen in regions of the Middle East. These vessels were also used in areas around Bangladesh, East Africa, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula. To make it sail in these areas, the built of the vessel would have been a great challenge. Read through to know about its construction.

Built of the Arab Dhow

Dhows are two masted boats possessing triangular sails. This vessel has a lifted hull and a pointed bow. The weight of a dhow varies from 300-500 tons with a long and sleek hull. Two striking feature of a dhow are its lateen and its stitched construction. To build a dhow, wooden planks were organized and stitched together.

The mast of a dhow was usually made of teak and coconut wood. All dhows consists of two sails one for the rough weather and night, the other one for normal daytime sailing. The vessel had variable designs carved on its various parts, including the hull. A large dhow has a crew of approximately 30 members, whereas a small one has 12 crew members.

Premier Ship Models offer a wide range of model boats and yachts which, are designed by a team of skilled craftsmen for sale in the UK. Along with the model of an Arab dhow, we also have models of different boats and yachts available in all sizes. Please browse our website or contact us to help you find the perfect model ship for your collection.

This Vessel Type is Dhow
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