Cannon Jolle 1801 Model Boat Kit – Master Korabel (MK0202)

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About the Cannon Jolle

The Cannon Jolle is a coastal gunboat belonging to the Russian Navy, that originated from Sweden. The ship was designed by the Swedish shipbuilder of English origin – Fredrik Chapman. During the Swedish War between 1788 – 1790, the Russian Navy managed to capture Swedish gunboats. They soon learnt to build similar ships based on the design of these gunboats, and replicated them for their own navy.

The construction of the ship took less time and was also less costly, due to the design. The ship was designed so that it could be manoeuvred by both sail and ore, with small crew on board. The only disadvantage was that there was often a lack of sleeping cabins for the crew, with many of them having to sleep on the upper deck even during bad weather. The ship was fixed with a large caliber canon, which was fitted to the rear of the ship.

Cannon Jolle 1801 Model Boat Kit

This detailed wooden kit is made based on archive drawings, photos and other historical documents and is ideal of beginners. It has been made with a special hunk design, that compensates for the material deformation. The planks are made from a single pre-cut later, which has been laser cut to ensure for maximum accuracy. The instructions include photos and detailed drawings.

Our Manufacturer

Manufactured in Russia, these model kits are designed to make assembly easier and more enjoyable than over. The high quality model ship kits use ‘state of the art’ design and manufacturing, reflected by laser cut technology to the smallest detail. In order to ensure the construction is as sturdy and life-like as possible, our manufacturer provides laser cut decks and individual hull planks. This model is not only enjoyable to built, but would make a beautiful addition to any collection.

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