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Dimensions L x H x W 48 × 156 × 96 cm
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Handcrafted, scratch built and readymade Chinese Junk model ship

The Chinese Junk model ship is one the many readymade models we have available in our Custom range here at Premier Ship Models. With over 400 model boats in our Standard, Superior, Premier and Custom range, you are sure to find the perfect ship model to suit any budget or collection.

Chinese Junks are believed to have been created during the reign of Han Dynesty, primarily developed from early bamboo rafts with high stems. Still widely used and constantly developed around the world, Chinese Junks remain most popular in Hong-Kong.

The sails were built to allow easy and fast sailing, with its hull being technically superior and advanced to western ships, a key feature western builders went on to replicate.  Historian, H. Warington Smyth, was quoted saying “As an engine for carrying man and his commerce upon the high and stormy seas as well as on the vast inland waterways, it is doubtful if any class of vessel… is more suited or better adapted to its purpose than the Chinese or Indian junk, and it is certain that for flatness of sail and handiness, the Chinese rig is unsurpassed.”

This delicately carved model ship is perfect for décor, which is sure to add character and charisma to any room or office. Using original plans and pictures combined with fine quality materials, our skilled craftsmen have elegantly constructed the Chinese Junk model boat to represent the original in its true form. The Chinese Junk model ship will undoubtedly prove to be an ultimate addition to any collection.

With over 12 years of experience, Premier Ship Models is recognised as a pioneer in the model making industry. Our excellent service, high quality and competitive pricing have made us the most popular choice for collectors worldwide.

Please browse our website or contact us to find the perfect ship model to add your personal collection. 

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This Vessel Type is Chinese junk
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