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The Catamaran of the Cite d’Aleth

The cite d’Aleth was named after the capital of the Celtic people of Coriosolites, then became a Gallo-Roman stronghold. It was a medieval town and became a fortress in the following centuries. The sailing boat of the Cit D’aleth 1988 is a cruising catamaran, and was built by the Labbé shipyard. The yacht is designed by naval architect Erik Lerouge Yacht Designs. She is 9.5 m long. The bow measures 5.90 m long.

Cite D’Aleth Catamaran Model

In order to make our models, extensive research is carried out to gather as much information as possible on the ship. The ship is then outlined and cut to scale. The hull is made of two layers of wood, which make up the main frame of the boat. The deck is placed on a board and the first edge of the hull is made, sanded and smoothed. A second layer of teak, mahogany or wood is placed on top depending on the desired finish. Our craftsmen work diligently to ensure that the model is recreated as accurately as possible, whether to achieve a natural wood finish or an ages and patinated finish. metals parts and ornaments are hand carved, hand painted and integrated into the model. The sails are sewn and integrated into the model.

Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturer has over 25 years of experience  and is specialised in creating replicas of some of the most well-known ship models. Our team is capable of reproducing any boat of your choice from model ships, to model yachts and model warships.

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This Vessel Type is Catamaran
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