Cruise Sub 7 Submersible Model

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PSM309 - PSM

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The Cruise 7 Submersible Model is a lovingly recreated model of the real design using high quality materials to reflect the actual vessel.

The Cruise Sub 7 Submersible U-Boat is a modern subsea discovery vehicle for use in both research and for deep sea tourism and was developed by U-Boat Worx to offer multi-purposes luxury submersibles with a focus on seating capacity. The real life craft offers a great deal of customizability and is used by cruise liners and documentary makers alike. As such the company producing the submersible craft offer a broad range of vessels from 5-11 passengers and dive depth from 300-1700m under sea level. These high tech vehicles are designed for the maximum level of safety possible for such a submersible craft and even offers a wide range of movement to ensure safe and coordinated movement at all times.

With dual views and rotating seats the real craft allows for great vision for its occupants with a sphere of vision radius in a variety of seating arrangements. The craft features an easy to pick up control screen and instruments to record and read the conditions of the subsea as well as the fact that the craft can be controlled wirelessly using the unique MARLIN controller to safely guide the sub away from or back to its support vessel.

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This Vessel Type is Submarine
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