HMS Victory Bicentennial Model in a Bottle

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PSM164 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 177 × 341 × 230 cm

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model of HMS Victory Bicentennial model ship in a bottle (the largest model ship ever put in a bottle)

This unusual piece of Custom range model by Premier Ship Models is one of the most exceptional ship replicas ever made by our company. This absolutely unique ship model is more than 3 metres long, almost 3 metres high and is classified as the biggest model placed in a bottle and is currently being displayed in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, UK

Premier Ship Models was commissioned to build this model by a London Artist to be displayed on the 4th plinth of Trafalgar Square for 22 months. Around 350,000 people each year visit the museum to see this exceptional replica of the most famous British ship which is also listed in the Core Collection of the National Historic fleet. The model required extensive work in 2005 to become as authentic as possible according to the original ship fought in the battle of Trafalgar.

This and other illustration proves that Premier Ship Models is well known for its quality and expertise in the model making industry. This and other custom range products are handcrafted from scratch according to original plans and drawings, paying attention to the smallest details. Master artisans are responsible for the most authentic delivery of the replica, using high quality materials.

HMS Victory is considered to be the oldest warship in the world still in commission. It is a 104-gun first rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy which started its commission in 1765. The fame of this ship is associated with being Lord Nelson’s flagship at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Admiral Nelson hoisted the flag on the HMS Victory on May 16, 1803 to become a leading force in the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805 which was the biggest success of the British during the Napoleonic wars. After a long commission in several wars, HMS Victory was moved to a dry dock at Portsmouth in 1922 and was preserved as a museum ship.

Apart from the Custom range model of HMS Victory, Premier Ship Models offer this ship replica also in Standard, Superior and Premier range. These include exceptional models such as HMS Victory Bicentennial Ship Model with light, HMS Victory Cross Section or many other types of HMS Victory model ships. Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have. 

This Vessel Type is Ship of the line
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