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CS0002SE - GN

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Seen as the pinnacle of British passenger shipbuilding, by many, The Queen Mary, was made during the Great depression in Europe. It was built to out marvel all others of its time for luxury and comfort. It also had great speed. During the second World War, the Queen Mary sat idle for six months before it was used as a troopship

Premier Ship Models is proud to offer this amazing detailed replica of the Queen Mary, produced and manufactured by Ghia Nein. Renowned for their craftsmanship, this artisanal business has over twenty years experience. Using locally sourced exotic woods and resources to produce exquisite hand crafted models. Based in Vietnam this family run workshop ensures that each model is of high quality and are accurate replicas of original ships.  This Queen Mary Boat model is fully assembled, perched on a solid wooden base with the brass name plate. Hand crafted by artisans with the finest of woods, from scratch using original plans and photographs. Hand painted to an excellent finish, so this fantastic model can stand proudly in any room.

This Vessel Type is Cruise liner
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