Santa Maria Model Ship Kit – Artesania Latina (22411)

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Dimensions L x H x W 32 × 55 × 9 cm


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Wooden model ship kit of Santa Maria

Besides handcrafted model ships built from scratch, Premier Ship Models also offers over 150 high quality wooden kits. The wooden ship kit of Santa Maria is a model from Artesania Latina, known for producing high quality model kits. The Santa Maria model is a detailed replica of the famous ship containing similar design features of the original vessel. This particular kit includes everything necessary to build this model except tools, glue and paint.

Walnut, beech, mahogany or tanganyka are the quality woods used also in this ship model. Special attention is also assigned to precise ornamentation, fittings or rigging lines. This and other model kits from Artesania Latina in our product range are laser cut which demonstrates the precise nature of kits. An Instruction manual is provided to help to build the kit.

Santa Maria is famous especially for being the largest of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus in his voyage in order to discover new lands. Santa Maria was not a very large ship, allegedly approximately 17 metres long, but was used as the flagship for Columbus’ expedition. The ship was built in Castro-Urdiales, Cantabria in Spain and was owned and mastered by Juan de la Cosa.

The design of Santa Maria consists of a single deck and three masts, and was considered as the slowest ship in the fleet of Christopher Columbus but performed well in the voyages across Atlantic. After one accident in 1492 when Santa Maria ran aground in Haiti, the ship was beyond repair and the wooden parts were used to build another ship. Santa Maria’s anchor was found near Haiti and nowadays it resides in the Musee du Pantheon National Haitien in Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

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A 22411 

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