Shenandoah Wooden Model Boat Kit – Corel (SM37)

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SM37 - COR

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Dimensions L x H x W 30 × 70 × 15 cm


Hull Type

R/C Compatible



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About the Vessel

The Shenandoah ship was a ‘custom cutter’ from the age of the American Civil War. This term is used to point out smaller containers utilized for the quick transport of valuable perishable goods and consumable items towards the Atlantic coast. It was also used in the supporting and provisional operations of the larger fleet.

The Shenandoah ship assured a distinct possibility of manoeuvres even if she sailed at a high speed through the rough seas.

At the time of Civil war, the navy of the Confederate States had no fleet as all of its ships had gone to the North with the union States. Hence, the Navy ordered the foreign countries for the construction of ocean vessels that could be used by the unionist naval block for privateering – a privately owned armed ship that is custom-built by a government and used for fighting or harassing enemy ships.

All the available trading vessels, ferryboats, paddle steamers, and a large number of cutters were requested to defend the southern coasts and rivers.

In addition to the remote surveillance of the unionist fleet, the ship was sent to the northern block and it reached to the privateering vessels at high sea. Further, she was utilized for sending messages and supplying logistic support.

It is being said that some of the cutters were directed by French and Italian adventures and they travelled between the coasts of the Mexican Gulf and the Bermuda. At this place, the cutters used to meet with the English Vessels carrying weapons and luxurious goods, which were then sold at the highest price at the Southern market.

Word has it that some cutters, piloted by French and Italian adventures, travelled almost regularly back and forth between the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Bermuda, where they met the English Vessels carrying ammunition and luxury articles, which were then sold at fabulous price on the markets of the South. She was weighted around 1,160 tonnes and included an auxiliary steam engine.

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This Vessel Type is Classic sailing boat
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