Triple Wai model yacht

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PSM081 - PSM

Dimensions L x H x W 22 × 72 × 48 cm
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Triple Wai Yacht Model

Premier Ship Models offers you vast range of models of modern, classic and historical marine vessels. All our models are hand built from the start. We offer a wide range of models to choose from and our range is classified into four categories, Standard, SUperior, Premier and custom.

Our team of UK based craftsmen skillfully recreates the design and details of original vessel in the model yacht. Our wooden models replicate museum quality models. We keep a stringent quality check during the building process and before shipment to ensure high quality. Triple Wai Yacht is a part of our custom range collection, for one of our private clients in the Far East. Let us find out more about different types of yachts.

Yacht Types: Triple Wai Yacht

Yacht refers to any marine vessel that is used for leisure sailing. Yachts are categorized according to their built and design. Some of them are:

  • Day sailing yachts: Usually small in size, day sailing yachts consist of a retractable keel and daggerboard. Generally, these yachts do not have an inbuilt cabin as they are used for few hours sailing.
  • Weekender yachts: These yachts usually stretch to a length of 9.5m. They either have lifting keels or twin keels, which allow them to sail in shallow waters. They have a simple cabin with a bed-space for 2-4 people. Weekender yachts are generally used for short journeys that last for 2-3 days.
  • Luxury sailing yachts: Generally 25-40 metres in length, luxury sailing yachts have undergone a complete transformation over the years. The 40m yachts have luxurious comforts like air conditioner, television and other modern fittings. These large yachts are installed with automatic electric winches that control the sail. Luxury sailing yachts are used for longer voyages and private charters and corporate events.

Triple Wai Yacht is a tribute to the Thai tradition of performing triple wai, a sign of respect to Lord Buddha and his teachings. Premier Ship Models offers you the joy of owning the scaled down version of Triple Wai Yacht. Don’t forget to check out our other model Yacht too.

To view more of our yacht models please browse our website or feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

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This Vessel Type is Classic sailing boat
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