HMS Warspite Model Boat Kit

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About the Vessel

HMS Warspite was one of the Queen Elizabeth-class battleships. She was built during the early 1910s for the Royal Navy. During the span of 30 years, she participated in world wars and covered the Pacific, Arctic, Indian and Atlantic Oceans. At the time of First World War, HMS Warspite even took part in the Battle of Jutland as a part of the Grand Fleet. She was involved in the routine patrols and training in the North Sea.

The motto of the ship was “Belli dura despicio,” which means "I Despise the Hard Knocks of War." HMS Warspite was acknowledged with most of the battle honours, which have ever been awarded to a specific ship in the Royal Navy. She was also awarded for her great contributions to the World War II. All these reasons helped the ship in gaining the nickname of "Grand Old Lady." This nickname was given after the comment of Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in 1943.

She was launched in 1913. At that time, the use of oil as fuel and untested 15-inch guns were innovative concepts at the Anglo-German naval arms race. The ship was refitted twice. The HMS Warspite was decommissioned in 1945. It was stuck on rocks near Prussia Cove at Cornwall in 1947 and ultimately she was broken up. Historians believe that the ship was scrapped between 1950 and 1957.

About the Model Ship Kit

  • Hand painted hull
  • Standard nameplate along with the option of personalised nameplate
  • Painted cannons
  • Scale: 1:350
  • From hotel lobbies to recreation areas in resorts, from educational institutions to interior designing projects, the demand for our handcrafted ship models is everywhere


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