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The models within Premier Ship Models’ Custom range are exceptional. The diversity of yacht models created within this range is outstanding as they not only cover model ships but, ready-made model plane, powerboat models, rowing boats and custom model ship designs. This is an integral part of our offering and over the years we have seen this area becoming more and more important to us. We can create a custom model ship of any vessel to any size, and have done so for collectors, nautical history enthusiasts, museums, yacht designers and the corporate yachting and shipping world.

Our skilled craftsmen have shown off their expertise, creativity and sheer determination stretched to the fullest when producing these custom model ships. Our dedicated team work alongside our clients adhering to our internal custom build process to produce amazing works of art! You can view some examples of these beautiful custom ship models that we have built for collectors in the UK and throughout the world on our website.

The price for the first custom model ship or yacht model (known as the Master) is usually higher than the price charged for subsequent models. The reason for this difference in price is because of the time and labor involved in this intensive process of building the initial custom model ship. There is a great deal of time spent on research, design and planning for each custom model plane or ship to ensure that the model is an exact replica of the original vessel.

The model yachts and boat models in our Custom range were originally a bespoke design for one of our clients. The prices currently listed on our website for these models are for the second and subsequent models, not the first custom design. You may find a yacht model in our custom range that fits your needs, or you can contact us to design a custom model boat for your collection.

If you are interested in having a Custom made Ship Model, contact us by email with information about your requirements and the ship you want custom designed. We will send a short form and a quote by email for your ship or yacht model in your chosen currency. After you approve the quote, we will begin the process of handcrafting a vessel to your exact specifications.

Please browse the Custom Range Section of our website to see some of the custom designs and read what our customers have to say about our custom models.

There has been an increase in the number of Custom Made Ship Models commissioned from Premier Ship Models in the last year namely, HMS Cockchafer, Queen Elizabeth HMS Warspite, Nicolas Container ship or Ocean Rowing boat. Further, ship models of Coweslip Flying Fifteen, Grady 366 yacht, Princess 21M or SAP Catamaran are some of the extraordinary recently launched yacht models worth browsing.

Click on each ship on this page for pictures, descriptions, dimensions and other information about each custom model ship that we have designed.

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