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OcCre Ship Models were founded in 2000, starting in a small garage with nothing more than aspirations and a vision. They strive to create excellent experiences, memories and anecdotes through modelling. OcCre don’t see ship modelling as a pastime, they see it as a way to build a community; helping people from all over the globe to find their own passion.

Today, OcCre Ship Models are a world-renowned company who design each of their models, and they do so with a highly-consistent level of enthusiasm which is imbued from start to finish.

Overall, OcCre Ship Models are a terrific company with a fantastic ethos. They love their work and always attempt to produce work of the highest possible quality.

Albatross Model Ship Kit – Occre (12500)


Amerigo Vespucci Model Kit – Occre (15006)


Apostol Felipe Galleon Ship Model Kit – Occre (14000)


Aurora Brig Wooden Model Ship Kit – Occre (13001)


Bounty Launch Model Boat Kit- Occre (52003)


Buccaneer Model Ship Kit – Occre (12002)


BUENOS AIRES Tram Model – Occre (53011)


Corsair Brig Wooden Model Ship Kit – Occre (13600)


Diana Frigate Model Boat Kit – Occre (14001)


Essex Model Ship Kit (with Sails) – Occre (12006)


Golden Hind Wooden Model Ship Kit – Occre (12003)


Gorch Fock Model Ship Kit – Occre (15003)

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