Modern Battleships & UK Navy Ships

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Model Battleships

People choose to display model battleships for a variety of reasons, such as prior military service, an affinity for military vessels, or to round out a diverse model ship collection. At Premier Ship Models, you will find museum quality model battleships and US Navy ship models from some of the best known and most loved ships in history.

Models of Renowned Battleships

If you love battleship models and other war ships from the United States and other countries, we offer a great selection of ships that are perfect for any collection. The Bismarck battleship model is an exquisite replica of the German Battleship that was built for Nazi Germany. Launched in February 1939, the Bismarck was one of the first two battleships in its class, which were also the largest warships ever built any country or any European nation.

The Yamato Japanese battleship was built in 1940 for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. This ship is among the heaviest battleships ever made and armed with nine 46 cm 45 caliber type 94 guns, which are the largest guns ever mounted on a battleship. This battleship sailed its final mission in 1945 to Okinawa, when she was sunk by American bombers.

We offer a wide variety of US Navy ship models from different periods in American history, from colonial to modern vessels. If you are looking for a ship to add to your collection, we have exceptional quality replicas of the USS Phoenix, USS Texas, USS Olympia, USS Ronald Reagan, USS California, and many other well-known models of US Navy ships.

Submarine models make a unique addition to any collection. The autonomous submarine is an unmanned underwater vehicle. This vessel has been used in military, research, and commercial applications. First used in the late 1950s, the submarine has received continual improvements and advances in technology. The sleek design, bright yellow color, and all details on the ship are exactly like the full size submarine.

If you are looking for large battleship models, we have a beautiful collection of ready-made model ships that are suitable for display. Our ship models are designed by nautical experts to be exact replicas of the original ships. We use the highest quality materials for a hand painted hull and every ship is crafted with attention to the smallest detail. Our goal is to capture the details and replicate the original ship with stunning accuracy.

Browse through our website to find exceptional quality model battleships, US Navy ships, and submarine models. Click on each model to view photographs, information about the original vessel, and details about the model, including dimensions, materials, and more.

Aircraft Carrier USS America CV-66 Ship Model – GN

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Bismarck Battleship Model (Standard Range) – GN


HMS Belfast – GN

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HMS Gotland Seaplane Cruiser (Standard Range) – GN

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Regent Leopard Wooden Model Ship – GN

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USS California Ship Model – GN


USS Haven Ship Model – GN

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USS Iowa Model Boat – GN

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USS Missouri Model Boat – GN


USS North Carolina – GN


USS Olympia Battle Cruiser (Standard Range) – GN

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