Swift Model Ship Kit (Ready built)

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Swift Model Ship Kit (Ready built)

About the Vessel

This was a Virginian pilot boat, belonging to the early part of 19th century. A rather powerful twin master-ship, the Swift was impressively lightweight. Renowned for safely guiding bigger vessels returning to ports, the Swift had impressive technical features, more than what is expected from typical 19th century ships. The easy-to-manoeuvre pilot boat was often used by the US Navy for maritime guidance and exploration. The Swift is credited with laying lines for famous clippers like the Baltimore. Today, the Swift is a favourite among dedicated boat collectors.

At Premier Ship Models, we are experts in building custom models of boats and ships like the Swift, i.e. vessels with a place in history. Our craftsmen ensure that the scaled model does complete justice to such heritage shipping vessels. Our unique creative process includes plan preparation, formulating framework, planking, adding durable materials like fibre glass, and assembling the deck structure.

Sanding, painting, and finishing ensure the outcome is a professionally made ship model worthy of occupying a place in your home. Strict quality control measures are upheld throughout the creative process and extend to the packing where every ship model is smartly packed to ensure damage-free transit.

About the Model Ship Kit

  • Kit designed by a team of maritime experts – expect museum-like quality
  • Ship model with extreme care about precise nautical detailing
  • Perfect ship models for corporate gifting purposes
  • Expanding collection of model ship kits
  • Use of durable, premium hardwoods
  • We ship internationally


Our model ship kits are created with extreme care on ensuring that users across all levels get a rewarding ship building experience. Whether you have vast experience in ship modeling or you are just getting started in this wonderful niche, our ship model kits will not challenge you. They are packed with easy-to-understand instructions and the quality on display is for real – our model ships are known to last for years! We have a vast collection of boat building kits that you can View Here

Tools for Ship Building Project

Building model ships can be a rewarding experience provided you have the right tools. We offer a wide range of model ship-building tools. These Tool Sets have been put together by industry experts. You can find Beginner Kits and those meant for seasoned model ship builders. From pliers to cutters, from knives to blades, and sanding blocks, our Tool Kits are comprehensive and ensure that you don't need to look anywhere else for model ship building supplies. Explore our inventory of Tool Kits by Clicking Here

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