Why Premier Ship Models?

Premier Ship Models is a global ecommerce business founded 16 years ago serving both the corporate and private sectors with a growing range of different services. Their current offering includes ready-made model ships, model boat kits, rc boats, display cases, model restoration, 3D printing, rendering and architectural models. With an international reach that spans over 80 countries and a website with four currencies, their presence in the market has continued to grow and they have 1000s of satisfied customers across the world.

They have pursued their interest in building ready-made ship models and offer three levels of quality, with multiple workshops located over the globe that can meet a variety of requirements and budgets. The likes of their best quality can be seen in prestigious places including a variety of different museums and the offices of high profile shipping, yachting and cruise companies. Working with a portfolio of corporate customers from different industries has expanded their collection to include model tankers, container ships, technical vessels and modern yachts.

They provide a highly bespoke service and have a strong philosophy based on meeting customer’s needs. They promise that if you can supply plans or photos of your boat or boats, then they can build it. They have carried this philosophy over 12 years of model making and have completed 200 custom built projects. Their latest venture has been in to the World of 3D printing and they are looking forward to using this technology in their ever evolving business.

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Customer Reviews

The Brood - UK

You are a star! Fantastic! It just looked so good. I couldn't believe just how good when I saw the ship models on Saturday! Anyway who's to say she wasn't copper bottomed when re-fitted at some point!!!

May 2003

Peter - UK

Yes. thank you. I especially like the small detail-turned railings, working rudder and forgive me 'the loo'. And I took great pleasure in the 'shape' (I don't know the technical word) of the hull. I will show the assembled ship to my neighbour, who has several sailing boat models in his chandlery shop. 

Nov 2007

Bruce - New Zealand

Yes the model arrived safely and it looks great, thanks for the photo of the team and thank them from us for putting it together so quick.

We have been shooting the commercial today and all  is going well.

Aug 2009

Mark - UK

Yes and thank you for all your help, the model looks fantastic 

May 2007

David - Canada

Wow! it looks great! 

April 2007

Riva Super Aquarama - London

Works of art - all of them.

May 2002

Fellowship of Shipwrights Society' - UK

Whilst your quality is impressive, you might be letting yourself down by the reasonableness of your prices. Rest assured that we will commit to the same prices - it is part of our raison-d'etre. 

May 2001

Mike Tucker - UK

When confronted with two projects for the BBC 'Ancestors' both requiring detailed model ships, and both with a tight budget and limited timescale, I was initially at a loss. Fortunately a quick search on the web introduced the BBC to Premier Ship Models.

Having met with Rashid to discuss my requirements, objectives and timescales, I was sincerely astonished with both his enthusiasm and the detailed quality of his company's ship models. Despite an almost impossible schedule, his extraordinary team of craftsfolk managed to deliver '2 x 8 feet' ship models of the HMS Beagle and HMS Bellona -on time and more importantly on budget!!

I greatly look forward to working with the team of true professionals on another project very shortly. Miniature Effects Supervisor BBC.

Ian - Australia

What a beautiful "Surprise"

My ship has come home and is now berthed in a snug, cosy cabin that does not roll.

Thank you. 

Jan 2007

Russell - UK

Well its all unpacked and now I’m sitting with the ship inside and very nice it looks too, fits the space perfectly. 

Mar 2007

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