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Published on 30/05/19
Toucan Bulker (1) 09.04

Premier Ship Models Unique Service

Building a custom model is one of our more unique services offered at Premier Ship Models. Many customers contact us regarding a ship that they may have a personal attachment to, or a family member or friend has a personal attachment to; or perhaps a boat that they particularly like and want a model of. We are of course happy to fulfil this request, but making a custom model is no easy task. There is a very intricate and detailed process involved in ensuring that the model is made to the highest quality and accuracy. Below is a brief insight in to this process and how a custom built model goes from an enquiry to a beautiful model ship.

The process is divided in to four stages; the enquiry stage, the pre-production stage, the production stage, and finally the shipping of the model.

The Enquiry Stage:

The process must first begin with an enquiry to build a particular ship. When the client contacts us, general information is recorded such as their details and the particular ship that they want a model of.

In describing the ship model they want, they will also be asked to clarify any extra features they may wish to be included on the model.

From the information that the client has provided, Premier Ship Models will create a quote based on the time and scale of the project.

The client will receive the quote and, after discussion, will hopefully agree on the price. From here, an invoice is raised and a deposit is put down by the client. Pre-production is ready to begin!

The Pre-production Stage:

This stage begins with Premier Ship Models initially carrying out research and collecting data to help achieve total accuracy to the actual ship. This process is usually aided by the client providing us with ship plans.

The client will fill in the Model Maker’s Brief (MMB). The MMB is a form, totally unique to Premier Ship Models, filled in by the client in order to outline particular specifications and features; to ensure that the finished model is an accurate replica of both the real ship, and what the client desires.

Premier Ship Models will assist the client in completing this form and, following discussion, the client will approve and sign the MMB.

The MMB is now ready to be sent off to our production team, and production can finally get started!

The Production Stage:

Our model makers begin creating the model, closely following the MMB.

Throughout the production stage, the client is updated with videos and photos of their model at certain stages. At each stage, the client is free to add their comments in order to change certain things if needed.

Once the client has approved the progress on their model, then production continues until the next milestone, where the client is again sent videos and photos giving them an update on the progression of their model. The client is once again given chance to raise any concerns and when approved, the production of their model can continue. This is repeated at various milestones, until the model is completed!

Once completed, the model goes through quality control. This process involves comparing it to the original MMB and ensuring that it meets the client’s expectations.

The model is complete and ready to be shipped!

Shipping of the Model

We contact the client to receive final payment once we know that they are happy with the model (after having seen photos and videos).

The model is shipped to the client. Below are a few examples of the time and care we take in packing our models.

The custom build process is very unique, usually taking around 8 weeks. It is a fantastic service for providing clients with the opportunity to own a model replica of a particular ship that may be special to them. The photos featured throughout this blog are of the Toucan Bulker, created in 2013.

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