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Hi Aytac,

Le Belem has docked in Rosebud, Australia hahaha!

Thank you so much – I’m very happy.

Oct 2019


Location: Australia

Date: 04/10/2019

The HMS Vanquisher arrived Friday at 1100am my time. This is the fastest
shipping I have ever had when buying an item from overseas. The kits is
great. I am more than happy with it
Sept 2019


Location: USA

Date: 30/09/2019

Hello Nathan,

Received the display case in good order.

Thank you. The quality is great.

April 2019



Location: UK

Date: 18/04/2019

It arrived and is excellent. 

I should mention that the reason I selected the USS Powhatan is because I have a piece of wood

about 15 inches long by ten inches, which comprised part of the original ship’s cabin of its


Sept 2019


Location: USA

Date: 20/09/2019

Yes that’s not a problem lovely to speak to you today.
I give you my review on all three models I’ve had from you.
Merask Ferrol which I had today well what a fantastic finish a lovely model with not a huge space needed to display.
Bulk America’s a very fine detail and a large ship. Love how the windows are cutouts for a standard range and again fantastic finish.
British pioneer another large standard model just like the above two. Photos of today’s and one before from youselfs.
Thanks to your team for top service and getting them to me safe.
Sept 2019


Location: UK

Date: 30/09/2019


The Fed Ex tracking predicted redelivery for 10:30 on 9/1, so I came home from work in the hopes of intercepting the package. It arrived at exactly 10:30!

Haven’t opened it as I have to return to work, but the Fed Ex driver complimented you on your packaging. He was particularly taken with the outside bubble wrap cushioning the contents.


Sep 2006


Location: USA

Date: 05/10/2006

Great. I am very happy with my model ship of the HMS Endeavour.

Feb 2019


Location: Grand Cayman

Date: 12/02/2019

Hi Nathan,

Thanks guys. Looks absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to show some colleagues I have at RCL corporate. 

June 2018


Location: USA

Date: 30/06/2018

Hi Nathan,

Pleased to let you know that I received the parcel – all in tact.

Thank you so much for all your help.  I am sure my hubby will receive many hours of enjoyment building this!

April 2018



Location: Australia

Date: 16/04/2018

hi Aytac,

good news,

after a long voyage with all sails set the 72 gun 3rd rate ship vanguard cruised down thro the meditearrean and hoved to in the bay of torrevieja…and dropped ancors. It was delivered safely by DHL and all is well.

Many thanks to you and the firm for all you have done, very pleased is an understatement!

April 2018


Location: USA

Date: 16/04/2018

Hello Nathan,

Received the display case in good order.

Thank you. The quality is great.

April, 2017



Date: 01/04/2017

I received the ship yesterday. I am very happy with it. A small piece had broken loose but we glued back. Also the flag was unattached. 

It took some time to unpacked it. Maybe they should use screws instead of nails. 

Everyone that has seen it loves it. 


March, 2017

Al Gomez

Location: UK

Date: 16/03/2017


Model arrived safely thank you. Delighted!

Thanks for all your help.


March, 2017



Location: UK

Date: 12/03/2017

Nathan, the case arrived in good condition. I ended up using acrylic sheeting for the case and it worked well.

Thank you for your craftsmanship! 

I have included some pictures of the final product.

I would be happy to recommend your cases!

Thank you.


March, 2017


Location: UK

Date: 06/03/2017


just wanted to let you know the vessel arrived savely!

And it looks damn good! Love it!

The moment it will be integrated in the exhibition i will take pictures and send it to you.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Jan 2017

Maersk Line

Location: Germany

Date: 16/01/2017

Dear All,

The vessel arrived today. WORTH EVERY PENNY! AMAZING!! The craftsmanship is breathtakingly perfect.

The packing was superior. Don’t ever change that. it is worth whatever the charge is.

Thank you for your continued support.

If you ever need a testimonial please feel free to consider me.

Dec 2016


Location: USA

Date: 17/12/2016

Hi Nathan

Thanks for the lovely display case…it is perfect and great quality. Also, for the swift service.

Kind regards,


November 2016


Location: UK

Date: 24/11/2016

Looks fantastic: apart from rock, climbing wall, logos and names to add – can the frames in the attached PDF be repainted white.




TUI Seaways

Location: UK

Date: 20/11/2016

That’s is excellent I am very impressed

I have one comment the port of registration is Bosham  as per the photos sent in oct I think there is a spelling area

I am however very pleased with the work done by your team



Michael Foote

Location: UK

Date: 18/11/2016

Thanks again for the new pictures of the Garnaal.

The model is really looking good. 


Martijn Engeland

Location: Netherlands

Date: 13/11/2016

I am very impressed with the build quality. I’m having dinner with my parents at the moment for my birthday and have just shown them the photos… dad is extremely happy and said it’s worth waiting for.

Thank you!


Tom Green

Location: Australia

Date: 12/11/2016

Hi, how are you, I hope that all is well. I have finally got to open the box, luckly the model had only minor damage (support of the model broke but I glued it back), all in all you did a great job and the model is top class. Good Job. Thank you again and take care, mybe we will do another model in the future and in any case I will recommend Premier Ship models to all who ask about the model.

Nov 2016


Location: Israel

Date: 02/11/2016

We commissioned Premier Ship Models for two projects at the Mondrian at Sea Containers in London. The Queen Mary made for the hotel lobby was of exceptional quality with incredible attention to detail. The yellow submarine in the restaurant has been a very widely published artwork. Apart from the amazing finished pieces the entire process was very convenient and reliable AND the team was very passionate about their work. 

Jun 2016


Location: London

Date: 03/06/2016

Dear All,

Good morning and hope all is well at your ends.

I just want to Thank you for all your support, your professionalism and great work and coordination. The boat was shipped perfectly with an amazing quality. Thank you again for everything, for your touch and sense of details. 

Great work everyone!


Location: Lithuania

Date: 09/08/2010

Hi Rehaz, The kit arrived Friday morning. I was very impressed from the richness and quality of the model. I’m familiar with Artesania‘s products but this one is very impressive. I managed to cover the first 14 pages of the instructions and you can see where I’m standing at the moment. Thank you very much for your support during the process.

May 2010

Leon Malalel

Location: Israel

Date: 16/05/2010

Hello Rehaz,

Thank you very much for the nice model, attached the model next to the real one.

May 2010

Moring Stefaan

Location: Belgium

Date: 14/05/2010


Ship has arrived. It’s beautiful. Thank you.  Please send name plate.

April 2010 

Frank Doubleday

Location: USA

Date: 19/04/2010


The models have arrived in good order. Thanks for the prompt delivery and good customer service.

April 2010

Hylton Sherriff

Location: UK

Date: 16/04/2010

Dear Premier Ship Models Team,

The HMS Endeavour has arrived today to Dubai and its perfect! My fiance will love it! Thanks so much for all your hard work getting it here in time and undamaged.

April 2010

Manar Hassan

Location: Dubai

Date: 12/04/2010

Hi Rehaz,

The model is fine and in great shape! It is beautiful! I know he is going to just love it! Thank you for such great customer service. 

Feb 2010

Linda Blake

Location: USA

Date: 18/02/2010

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