Amalthea CN 143 Model Boat

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PSM245 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 33 × 80 × 61 cm

Personalise your name plate


Sails rolled up or down



Amalthea CN 143 Model Boat

About the Vessel

Amalthea CN 143 was a uniquely designed boat that had its origin in Great Britain. However, this sea vessel did not stay in action for a very long time. If you are passionate about boats that only few, real collectors know about, the Amalthea CN 143 is a great proposition. Get this model in your ship model collection, and you can feel assured about having an impressive conversation-starter the next time you collaborate with fellow shipping enthusiasts!

The creation of CN 143 model includes charting a clear plan of action with immense research to ensure the blueprint is drawn with precision. We excel is digging out rare information and capturing insight of maritime experts, ensuring the smallest features are captured. Right from conducting research about intricate details to forming the wooden frame and finally packing the product, we follow strict standards of quality. Our experienced team makes use of advanced online and offline tools to ensure that we render a museum-like quality in all our boat models. The use of best quality woods and the use of more contemporary materials like fibre glass ensures that structural stability is not an issue. The deck is assembled by precisely recreating windows, door, hatches, winches and cleats.

At Premier Ship Models, you are most likely to such lesser known but spectacular boat models like the Amalthea CN 143. We completely understand our customers’ sentiments attached to such special orders and that is why we leave no stone unturned in crafting exact replicas with considerable room for customization. These options are discussed with valuable buyers like you and are executed with precision, ensuring the original layout is not distorted.

Details of the model boat:

  • Partially painted hull along with an option for antique wax finish
  • Use of durable, high-quality woods including hardwoods like maple or teak
  • Gives you option of rolled-up or rolled-down sails
  • You can personalize the model by getting your name on it
  • Part of an expanding range of hand-painted models that have a place in nautical history

These ship models are worthy of being used as display items in the living room to lift the ambiance or as thoughtful corporate gifts. From modern ships to luxury yachts and vessels powered by the latest maritime technologies, we cover the entire landscape of model ships and boats. Recent additions include bulk carriers and tankers apart from some plane models too!

This Vessel Type is Fishing boat
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