Astrolabe Ice Breaker Model – PSM0033

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PSM0033 - PSM

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Introducing the Astrolabe Icebreaker, a formidable vessel designed for conquering the harshest Arctic and Antarctic environments. This icebreaking marvel combines cutting-edge technology with robust engineering to navigate through thick ice and ensure safe passage for other maritime activities. With its reinforced hull, powerful propulsion system, and advanced navigation equipment, the Astrolabe stands as a symbol of maritime strength and resilience.

Now, experience the extraordinary craftsmanship of PSM’s Bespoke scale model recreation of the Astrolabe Icebreaker. Meticulously crafted to capture every intricate detail, this scale model brings the essence of the Astrolabe to life on a smaller scale. From the precisely replicated hull design to the intricate bridge and navigation equipment, the PSM Bespoke model showcases a commitment to accuracy and realism.

This Vessel Type is Research Vessel
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