Hercules Model Tugboat Kit – Occre (61002)

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61002 - OCC


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This Hercules Tugboat model is a fantastic rendition of the real-life counterpart. It is complete with a nameplate, as well as a wooden base for support.

Furthermore, the model has the possibility of being converted into an RC model, with the deck being able to open and accommodate batteries and other motorised mechanisms.

Historically, the Hercules Tugboat was built in 1907, and she was originally an ocean tugboat. Hercules was often employed by other sailing ships voyaging north up the coast of San Francisco, but she was also used to tow barges to a multitude of other West Coast ports, as well as Hawaii, and she was even used to transport material and equipment to be used for the construction of the Panama Canal.

It was in 1947 when Hercules was hit by a storm, 500 miles from Hawaii. Alongside her was another tug boat, the Monarch, tasked with towing the hull of a battleship, Oklahoma. The storm sank the Oklahoma fairly quickly, and the Hercules was only able to break free at the very last moment.

In 1986, the Hercules was classed as a National Historical Monument. She now sits in one of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park exhibits, and is moored at the Hyde Street Pier.

This model measures in at a scale of 1/50, with a length of 915mm, a width of 163mm and a height of 420mm.

You can own an integral piece of US maritime history with this excellent model!

This Vessel Type is Tugboat
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