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TS0020P-60/80 - GN



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HMS Bounty Model Ships

It is often said that something heroic is worth restating. The HMS Bounty is one of those ships that made a place for itself in UK naval history. The adventures of the ship have led to countless stories. Different people used different platforms like movies, books, articles and journals to highlight the voyages of the Bounty. There have also been accounts of people who were on board that helped to build upa more realistic and factual impression about theship’s tale, including the mutiny.

HMS Bounty: Wreck Discovery

The Bounty was burnt down during the course of the mutiny. The remains of the ship were discovered by Luis Marden in January 1957. On spotting the rudder remains, he convinced his co-workers to let him go to Pitcairn Island, the place where the rudder was found. Ignoring warnings, he sailed for several days under turbulent weather at sea. The risk proved to be worth it when he found the left part of the fabled ship. Among the wreckage were rudder pins, a quantity of nails, an oarlock and various other fittings. Following the discovery, he even met Marlon Brando and gave him certain advice for his role as Fletcher Christian in the movie titled “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Marden even got himself cufflinks made from the nails he found in remnants of the HMS Bounty. He also dived into Pandora’s wreck and left a Bounty nail there. One can also see the ballast stones that could be observed partially in the waters of Bounty Bay.

While you can’t get cufflinks made from the nails on the Bounty like Marden, you can still own an exquisitely crafted replica of the HMS Bounty. Crafted to perfection, the HMS Bounty model ships feature all the details of the original vessel. This model ship would make a great addition to any collector’s model ship collection, and is available with many other top quality model ships here at Premier Ship Models.

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