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Friesland Waterline Model Ship

The Friesland was a part of the Great Fleet of the United Province of Holland. It was built with 80 guns around 1663.and consisted of 1700 units. In 1672 it sided with 77 vessels under De Ruyters command and took part in the battle of Solebay with the Allied Anglo-French forces. The ship whose hull was carved out of wood is particularly noted for the refinements on her poop deck decorations and her superstructure.

Friesland: The Battle of Solebay

The battle of Solebay was a naval battle that took place between Dutch fleet and the Anglo-French fleet. It was the first naval battle of the Third Anglo-Dutch War. A fleet of 77 ships of the United Provinces of Holland, commanded by De Ruyters and others surprised a joint Anglo-French fleet of 93 ships at anchor in Solebay near Southwold in Suffolk on the east coast of England. During the battle the wind shifted and the English gained advantage forcing the Dutch to withdraw around late afternoon.

The battle ended inconclusively as both sides took heavy damage. However, the Anglo-French plans of blocking the Dutch fleet did not come through. Both sides met again in 1673 at the Battle of Schooneveld.

Friesland: Waterline Model by Premier Ship Models

Premier Ship Models produced a waterline model of the Friesland for one of its existing client. We serve a global customer base spanning all the continents. We produce various other ships like historic models, cargo vessels, classic ships and yachts. We also produce radio controlled boats and model ship kits. We undertake orders for custom ships if provided with the original vessels pictures and plans.

All our models are handcrafted to scale and built from scratch. Our models represent the highest degree of skill and craftsmanship. Care is taken to replicate the details of the original vessel to give it a life like feel. We use the best materials in building of our models.  We have great client feedback. Our models come in ranges of standard, superior and premier to suit all budgets. Browse our website or Contact us to know more about your favourite ship and order the model of your choice, today.

By Doug D. on 06/18/2014
Title: Friesland Waterline Model Ship
Text: Hi,

The two waterline ships, Friesland and Bristol, arrived in Japan without a scratch. Both models are excellent; highly detailed and just as I ordered.

I look forward to using Premier Ship Models again in the future.

Thanks for all your help
By Mr Steve Fitzsimmons (USA June 2005). on
Title: Friesland Model Ship
Text: Dear Rehaz Lal

I Received the ship yesterday, it looks beautiful and its a nice ship model. I want to thank you for what you did.

Thanks a lot
By Michael (Russia Aug 2010). on
Title: Friesland Model Ship
Text: The Friesland arrived. It is gorgeous! Please pass my thanks to the folks who built it and finished it. I could not be happier with their work. Also, my thanks to Rehaz and Rahana who helped along the way. (Fedex did a great job in getting here on time and in good shape).
By Kostas Doulas (Greece Feb 2011) . on
Title: Friesland Waterline Model Ship
Text: Everything seems to be ok . The ships look marvelous . I am looking forward to get them  to Greece .

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