Buckeye Paddle Steamer – PSM

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PSM134 - PSM


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Dimensions L x H x W 56 × 255 × 85 cm

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Handcrafted, scratch built and readymade scale ship model of Buckeye Paddle Steamer

Buckeye paddle steamer Custom made model ship is a representation of Premier Ship Models’ 12 year experience and expertise in model making. It is considered as a work of art and of museum quality, built for enthusiastic collectors who can admire the superb craftsmanship. The process of crafting a model ship also includes taking feedback from our clients in order to deliver the best ship model according to our clients’ specifications.

To deliver the most authentic piece of ship model, the models are built according to original plans, drawings or pictures provided by our clients. The Buckeye paddle steamer ship model and other models from our Custom range are built by master artisans from scratch. This model ship is a perfect replica of the original paddle steamer containing all the design features, crafted to detail.

This particular model of Buckeye State paddle steamer is a replica of a paddle steamer built in 1850 which was commissioned to travel between Cleveland and Buffalo. Paddle steamer can be characterised as a steamship or riverboat powered by steam engine that drives paddle wheels. The wheels are of large steel framework, fitted with paddle blades also known as floats or buckets. The ship moves forwards or backwards by rotating the paddle wheels that are powered by the engine.

The history of this kind of transportation dates back to the 4th-5th century, when a first notion of paddle wheels was recorded. The first seagoing voyage of a paddle steamer occurred in 1808 when a ship steamed from Hudson River along the coast to the Delaware River. Sirius, a British built paddle steamer is considered to be the first vessel to cross the Atlantic under sustained steam power. PS Waverley is the last sea-going paddle steamer.

Our ship models are built according to exact specifications and requirements provided by our customers. Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

This Vessel Type is Steamboat
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