HMS Victory Model Ship Kit Scale 1 to 200 – Mantua Models (720)

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720 - MAN

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Dimensions L x H x W 10 × 52 × 20 cm



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R/C Compatible


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HMS Victory Model Ship Kit


The HMS Victory is one of the most famous ships in the world, captained by Lord Nelson and commemorated in Portsmouth, UK through preservation methods. There is also a statue of Lord Nelson at Trafalgar Square, London, recognising the role he played in the decisive Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Premier Ship Models have a huge offering of HMS Victory model ships available, including kits and ready-mades. We are proud to have built the model of the HMS Victory in a bottle, which was on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square and now sits outside Greenwich Maritime Museum, London.

The HMS Victory is one of only a few ships to have fought in the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. She is a Royal Navy battleship serving in the renowned period of British history, which saw a various number of conflicts under the leadership of King George III. This makes the HMS Victory a special part of British history, especially considering she is still afloat in Portsmouth and open to public viewing.

Details of the model boat kit

What makes this model kit of the HMS Victory different from others on offer? Firstly, this kit is built to Scale 1:200 and is the only model kit of the HMS Victory produced in this way, allowing for an extreme level of accuracy between the model and the original vessel. It is manufactured by Mantua Models, who have a good reputation in the worldwide community for offering fine scale replicas of boats, normally historical ships.

Premier Ship Models are proud to offer kits from Mantua Models and can reassure you that customers have given only ever positive feedback on the quality and accuracy of model ship kits they have built. The kit is plank on frame construction and features all the minutely detailed fixture and fittings needed to fully build this kit. If you have any questions about this model, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to view other model kits from Mantua, please click here.

This Vessel Type is Ship of the line
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