Royal Yacht HMS Alberta

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PSM252 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 52 × 169 × 85 cm

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Royal Yacht HMS Alberta 


The Royal Yacht HMS Alberta happens to occupy a special place in UK’s maritime history. The legendary HMS was a royal paddle yacht, launched at Pembroke, Wales in 1863. The yacht was an impressive paddler and garnered attention for its ease of manoeuvrability. It was especially built for short voyages of Queen Victoria. The HMS Alberta weighed nearly 370 tonnes. The ship impressed with its power – a brutal 1200 horsepower mated to a 13 knot speed. The length, beam, and draught of the ship were 160ft, 22ft, and 8ft respectively – dimensions which underline the fact that the HMS Alberta was a game-changer during its era.

On 22nd January 1901 when Queen Alexandrina Victoria died, this royal ship was used to carry her body from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth, Hampshire for her last rites. The late Queen had gone to the Isle during the Christmas season after the death of her husband. Eventually, the royal yacht was dismantled in 1912 at Portsmouth. Today, the historic ship is a subject of interesting maritime history, held sacred by nautical experts. It happens to engage a lot of attention among ship model collectors and historians. The heritage ship also makes its presence felt at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London.

Details of the model ship:

  • · Hand painted hull with a customized option of antique wax hull
  • · The option of rolled down sails is available
  • · Personalized nameplate option available for this model if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  • · Light coloured deck
  • · Names can also be added on the ship model
  • · This model ship is a delightful way to show off a growing collection of interesting, heritage ships. The Royal Yacht HMS Alberta has a tale to tell – a definite conversation-starter
  • · The expertise of our nautical experts is visible in the quality of craftsmanship. Aura of the original HMS Alberta ship is recreated despite a scaled-down model. Professional expertise is visible in every corner, angle, and nook of the model
  • · The royal yacht is an excellent gifting proposition for a friend or relative, also a great housewarming gifting proposition. Compacts-sized model means you can place it anywhere – the model of the HMS Alberta does not need much space

Showcase this Royal Yacht HMS Alberta model in the living room for a perennial conversation starter. We blend nautical expertise, artisan-like approach and the latest technology to ensure that every bit of the ship model is rendered with absolute precision. From recreating tug boats, wartime vessels to sleeker yachts that are currently engaging attention, we cover a wide range of model ships. Choose from our growing collection of historic, classical and modern sailing vessels

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