Custom Container Ship Model (Standard Range) – GN

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TK0172P - GN

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Dimensions L x H x W 28 × 110 × 44 cm


Custom Container Ship Model

Premier Ship Models has designed a diverse variety of model ships in our Custom Range. If you are interested in a custom container ship model, yacht, airplane, power boat, or other model ship, you will find a great selection of exquisitely designed models to choose from in our custom models. In recent years, we have had an increase in requests for custom designs and have more to offer than ever before.

We have the capability to create a custom model ship of any vessel in the size of your choice. Whether you want a handcrafted custom model container ship, yacht, powerboat, historic ship, or modern cruise ship, our experts can create a model to your specifications. We have designed and built custom ship models for individual collectors, history buffs, yacht designers, museums, and corporate offices in the shipping and yachting industries.

Our creative and dedicated team works with our clients to create amazing custom models to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer. Each handcrafted custom model ship is a work of art that is suitable for display in a museum, business, or home of even the most discerning collector.

The price for a custom model ship is generally higher than for other models, due to the intensive design and build process. The process of creating a unique ship model requires extensive time spent in research, planning, and designing the model. We take the time to design each model to ensure that it is an exact replica of the full sized ship.

The models shown in our Custom Range are second and subsequent models, based on a custom design that was created for another customer. You can browse through our website to view the models in our Custom Range. If you want a custom container ship model or another custom designed vessel, please contact us for information about the process and pricing for your custom design. We will send a quote by email for your custom vessel.

This Vessel Type is Container
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