Kuwait Catamaran Model

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PSM104 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 19 × 36 × 21 cm


Internal Lighting Included


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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model Kuwait catamaran

Custom range at Premier Ship Models represents the top quality ship models available. The Kuwait catamaran is one of these custom made ship models containing all the design features of the original vessel put into a perfect miniature replica. This and other custom made models in this range are handcrafted from scratch by our team of skilled artisans who built every part of the model with the commitment to deliver the best detailed craftsmanship.

This model was built according to exact specifications and requirements of our client. It was built using plans and drawings of the original vessel. The process of building was under supervision of the commissioner and pictures of the ship model in different stages were sent to the client. You can choose to have built your own ship model replica and our own master artisans will produce a unique replica of your choice with exact specifications you will require, from high quality materials and with a focused attention to every small detail.

This ship model is an exact replica of the catamaran launched by KGL Shipping Company. This catamaran is one of the fastest passenger transport catamaran within the Gulf region. The operational aspect of the catamaran is currently being managed and supervised by Combined Shipping Company, also a subsidiary of KGL Holding. The Catamaran is equipped with the highest safety standards, having life boats sufficient enough to cover all passengers on board.

A catamaran can be described as a multi-hulled vessel which consists of two parallel hulls of equal size. Its main feature is that it derives its stability from its wide beam, not by having a ballasted keel like a mono-hull, which makes the vessel geometry-stabilized. The word catamaran is derived from word kattumaram which in Tamil language means tied wood.

Our custom made ship models are built according to exact specifications and requirements provided by our customers. Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

This Vessel Type is Catamaran
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